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Massive Difference is a high-end technical consulting firm that delights in delivering solid business results to our clients. We have assisted small and mid-sized businesses as well as multi-billion dollar international firms.

We work with our clients to create unique and impactful solutions to their business problems using our extensive technical experience and know-how.

We provide analysis, strategy, CIO and CTO advising, and software development in areas related to Mobile/Local, Big Data, Search, and Public APIs.

Additionally, we can provide assistance for our clients who need help in forging first-class internal development teams with state-of-the-art capabilities in tooling, source control, continuous build systems, automated deployment systems, etc.

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Lots of businesses generate data.

Few are able to glean actionable intelligence from it.

Fewer still are those that are able to operationalize that intelligence and reap the rewards that being able to see clearer, and further than the competition can bring.

We can help.


Does your business need a mobile strategy to service your customer base?

Perhaps you are looking at opportunities to streamline your operations using tablets or other mobile technologies?

We can help you with strategy and development across both the iOS and Android platforms.


As we drown in more and more data, the ability to find that vital and timely piece of information becomes ever more valuable.

We have built massively scalable consumer search engines to help consumers find the best restaurants and plumbers as well as internal enterprise search solutions.

What is your business looking for?


Wondering how the latest in cloud computing, mobile, etc. can help you achieve your business goals?

Do you need assistance in building a software engineering discipline in your organization with agile methodologies, modern distributed source control, continuous build, and dev-ops?

Are you a startup, or an investor in one, who could benefit from mentoring in building a first-class development discipline that aligns with your business strategy?


We have worked with many clients and we always like to hear they come out from the cooperation happy and satisfied. Have a look what our clients said about us.

Recent Links of the Day

At Massive Difference, we are constantly coming across fantastic writers who are sharing truly interesting thoughts and experiences on a variety of technology topics. We curate the best of the best and link to it here. Enjoy!

Chef InSpec

By Chef on August 20, 2019

Security has been at the front of peoples minds these last few years, but the tooling to keep on top of it has been difficult to use. This tool from Chef looks interesting. It allows you to define various security rules for your system and audit them in an automated way as part of your pipeline.

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By Isovalent Inc on August 19, 2019

Cilium is an interesting project to look at if you are doing microservices. It provides a layer 7 aware security layer on top of something like Istio (among other deployment targets). This allows you to define which specific endpoints should be accessible by which pods, etc.

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By Checkr on August 16, 2019

Doing feature flags in a microservices environment? Check out Flagr…

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Open Source Tools for APM

By Novatec on August 15, 2019

Most people have a need for APM in their platform, but many folks are unaware of how many good open-source tools are available in this space. is a cool tool you can use to see what is available that fits into your tech stack.

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